April 10, 12:17 PM

Creed Thoughts

So last week I shared the first part of my adventure story, Creed and the One-Armed Yeti Pilot, and I know I left you all wanting more. If you missed last week’s story, go back and catch up or else none of this will make sense to you. I’ll wait.

Now that you’re all caught up, here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for like those Paddle Off dogs who wait for the bell to get hungry: Creed and the One-Armed Yeti Pilot Part Two: The One-Armed Yeti’s Lair.


Creed and the One-Armed Yeti Pilot
Part Two
The One-Armed Yeti’s Lair

For what seemed like hours, Creed had been tripping out and thinking he was enjoying a fun day at a water park, splashing and running around. In actuality, Creed was being dragged through the forest by a one-armed yeti who was slobbering and sweating all over him. It was pretty terrible. Yeti sweat smells a lot like a petting zoo and that’s exactly what Creed smelled like when he woke up. He was lucky though, because if it wasn’t for the smell, he might never have ever woken up at all. Most yeti slaps prove to be fatal.

Creed opened his eyes and looked around, wondering what strange place surrounded him. He also wondered where he could find the petting zoo that smelled like it was close by. Creed had always enjoyed petting llamas. Creed sat in what appeared to be a row of seats inside a narrow tube of some sort. It was very dark, but his eyes could make out several rows of seats in front of him. His legs were cramped as there wasn’t a lot of legroom for him to stretch out. He stood up quickly and the pain of not moving his legs for hours attacked him like needles that sprouted from his leg like sharp grass. Creed yelped and fell back into his seat.

All of a sudden, a door opened in front of Creed and the one-armed yeti emerged, but this time he was wearing a scarf and a pair of goggles.

“Where am I?” asked Creed, his legs still smarting from standing up.
“You’re in my lair. Well, my Lairplane, to be exact. I live inside a small airplane,” explained the yeti, who appeared much friendlier than before.
“Wait. Didn’t you say before that you didn’t talk?” Creed looked at him inquisitively.
“I just didn’t feel like talking before. Most people don’t question it.” The yeti looked upset and rightfully so. He hated being questioned.

The yeti went on to explain that he lived inside the airplane because he used to be a pilot. The plane used to be his, but it crashed in the forest many years ago and he had been living inside of it ever since. Creed was fascinated by the yeti’s stories, especially the ones about making friends with many of the forest creatures. In the middle of one of the stories, a raccoon came into the airplane to ask the yeti a question. Creed couldn’t understand the raccoon because he couldn’t talk to animals, but the yeti could. Young Creed got to thinking that he could make a lot of money off of the yeti if he could capture it and turn it into an animal interpreter. First, however, he had to find a way to capture it.

To Be Continued...