April 03, 12:17 PM

Creed Thoughts

I grew up reading adventure stories in the back of comic books and my whole life I’ve wanted to write those suckers, so this weekend, I decided I was really going to do it. I said “I’m going to follow my dreams and write adventure stories in the back of comic books!” That is, until I found out that comic books don’t have adventure stories written in the back of them anymore. Apparently, it’s a lost art. Pretty sad, really. Also, the comic books these days are racy. They’re like pornos. I was shocked. I’m a pretty liberal guy, all things considered, but the stuff these cartoonguys do to robots and octopi. Man oh man. It’s pretty sick. Anyway, I decided to start writing an adventure story anyway. I hope you like it.



Creed and the One-Armed Yeti Pilot

Creed walked along the forest floor, hunting for arrowheads left behind by the Indians that used to call this forest home. He was a tall boy with thick blond hair that sprouted from his head like golden grass. Without many friends, Creed liked to wander the forest by himself, exploring nature’s secrets and discovering artifacts left behind by people long ago. He could hear the brook gurgling up ahead, so he decided to see how fast he could run there.

He took off quickly, feeling the wind brush against his face as he passed by tree after tree. He was almost at the brook when something hit him in the face. Creed tumbled to the ground with a thump. When he looked up, he saw something he never thought he would see. A one-armed yeti was standing over him. The yeti was tall with thick white hair that sprouted from his body like snowy grass. He made a loud noise that sounded like a yak belch. The strangest thing about the yeti was that it only had one arm and the arm came right out of his chest. Creed stood up to talk to the yeti.

“Why’d you hit me?” Creed asked, timidly.
“I’m a yeti. I do not talk,” replied the yeti.
“But… you just did,” said Creed, reaching out to touch the yeti’s fur.

The yeti let out a fearsome roar and hit Creed in the face with his yeti paw. Creed fell back to the ground unconscious and started tripping out real bad.

To Be Continued...